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Bodegas Olarra

Established in 1973, Bodegas Olarra is notable for its amazing facilities built on a Y-shaped ground plan and featuring 111 hexagonal domes. This attractive and complex building has earned it the name of the cathedral of Rioja. The winery, one of the driving forces behind Rioja wine, has masterfully combined the most modern winemaking technology with traditional methods, creating wines that conform to strict quality standards. It currently makes a broad range of wines that have achieved recognition in the most prestigious international competitions.

Interesting information

Year of foundation: 1973

Number of barrels: 26.000

Barrel Type: American (80%) and French (20%) oak barrels.

Sales in Spain: 50%

Export Sales: 50%

Address: Avda de Mendavia, 30

Village / Town: Logroño

Province: La Rioja

Phone: 0034941235299

Post Code: 26009

Country: Spain

Fax: 0034941253703

Email: bodegasolarra@bodega...

Web: www.grupobodegasolar...

Bene Placitum Red Reserva 2016


During the nineties, the so-called “Parker fashion” for fruity, tannic and powerfully structured win...

6 £57,25 (price per bottle £9,54)

Cerro Añón Unique Edition Red Reserva 2017


Created by the prestigious Bodegas Olarra, Cerro Añón is one of the most renowned brands in Rioja to...

6 £75,50 (price per bottle £12,58)

Abelenda Red Reserva 2017

abelenda-reserva-2017_3 (3).png

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to always get it right. But some wineries are a cut above ...

6 £67,45 (price per bottle £11,24)

Abelenda Red Reserva 2014


6 £75,00 (price per bottle £12,50)