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D.O. Toro

The D.O. Toro spans 12 municipalities of Zamora and 3 of Valladolid corresponding to the district of Bajo Duero. The river Duero crosses the region from east to west, and the D.O. lies to the south of the river.

Climate and Soil

Climate of Toro:

Extreme continental climate with Atlantic influence. Dry, with low rainfall (annual level averages 350–400 mm.), harsh winters, long periods of frost, short and mild summers and marked temperature differences between day and night.

Toro soils:

Brown lime soils formed by sediments of sandstone, clay and lime varying from silt to large grained sandstones. The best soils are gravelly alluvial.

Interesting Information

Vineyard hectares: 5.869 hectares

Annual production: 9.900.000 litres

Number of viticultors: 1.284

Number of wineries: 48

Domestic sales: 60%

Export sales: 40%

Regulation and Location

Regulatory council of the: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA DENOMINACIÓN DE ORIGEN TORO De la Concepción, 3. Palacio de los Condes de Requena. 49800 Toro (Zamora). Teléfono 980 690 335. Fax 980 693 201.

Location: Zamora

Country: Spain

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