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Viñedos y Crianza del Alto Aragón is a winery based in the municipality of Salas Bajas (Huesca, Aragon), at the heart of Somontano, where it owns modern facilities whose design is marked by geometrical precision and use of the natural light. Established in the early 1990s, it is now the leading winery in the Denominación de Origen. The firm’s winemaking philosophy combines tradition and modern technology. This, together with its deep respect for the environment and well-known interest in art, has made it the epitome of the modern winery. The winery currently enjoys a significant international reputation and its wines are present in more than thirty countries all over the world.

Interesting information

Spanish Wine Region: D.O. Somontano

Year of foundation: 1991

Owned vineyard: 500 hectares

Annual Production: 2.500.000 bottles

Number of barrels: 4.000

Sales in Spain: 70%

Export Sales: 30%

Corporate Name: Viñedos y Crianzas del Alto Aragón, S.A.

Address: Avda. de las Artes, 1.

Village / Town: Salas Bajas

Province: Huesca

Phone: 0034974302580

Post Code: 22314

Country: Spain

Fax: 0034974300046



Enate Red Crianza 2014

Enate Crianza 2014.jpg

It is hard to explain the development Somontono wines have undergone without mentioning Enate, a fir...

6 £64,20 (price per bottle £10,70)

Enate Gewürztraminer White 2017

Enate Chardonnay 2017.jpg

The aromatic Gewürztraminer grape is the key ingredient of this balanced, fresh and moreish white wi...

6 £73,50 (price per bottle £12,25)