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Located in the heart of Champagne, Ayala was founded in 1860 by Edmund de Ayala, the son of a Colombian diplomat, who married a French countess who owned vineyards in this region. Always renowned for the quality of its champagne, Ayala was the official supplier of the courts of England and Spain in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 2005, it was acquired by the prestigious company Bollinger, in which Ayala made up a small gem, with a very limited and exceptionally high-quality production.

Interesting information

Spanish Wine Region: A.O.C. Champagne

Year of foundation: 1860

Corporate Name: Champagne Ayala

Address: 1, rue Edmond de Ayala

Village / Town: Aÿ

Province: Region of Champange

Phone: +33 3 26 55 15 44

Country: France

Email: contact@champagne-ay...

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