What is Vinoselección?

Vinoselección is the leading Spanish wine specialist in the UK. It offers an excellent way of learning about, enjoying and buying the best Spanish wines at unbeatable prices.

Have you ever found yourself in the wine section of a shop gazing at shelves crammed with bottles not knowing which one to choose as there was not enough information and eventually going for the cheapest option or sticking to one from a well-known area? Or even making a random choice? Vinoselección promises that this will never happen to you again. We will teach you to choose wines from different regions, wineries and types, for affordable prices, and to pair them with suitable foods.

Advantages of Vinoselección

  • Learn to look at, smell, savour and even feel wine. We will send you full information on Spanish wines and Spanish wineries.
  • The best wines await you. From the best-known regions to the latest discoveries, wines to suit all tastes and all pockets, the most established brands and the most interesting novelties, the most suitable wine for every occasion: white, rosé, red, cava… young, barrel-aged or for cellaring.
  • Special wines. Limited-edition wines and new discoveries. You can acquire our monthly selections by reserving your case through our exclusive subscription service. Subscribe and enjoy the best wine at the best price.
  • More than 250 wines at unbeatable prices. Because we purchase directly from wineries with the advantageous conditions that come from having more than 100,000 members. The best wineries open their doors to us, keen to join the big Vinoselección family.
  • With the convenience of home delivery. No waiting or queuing, or having to go out. Just place you order and it will promptly be sent to your home.
  • No obligations or commitments. Buy what you want, when you want.

History of Vinoselección

It all started out as a pastime. Massimo Galimberti used to enjoy uncorking the bottles of wine at get-togethers with his group of friends. As a result he was given the job of seeking out the best wines for these gatherings and delighting his friendswith his exciting new finds. The success of his picks led him to think that maybe more people could benefit from his experience and guidance in choosing from what was available and enjoying good wine. The entrepreneur set about this task with the same boldness and enthusiasm he put into sourcing special wines for his friends and founded something that did not yet exist in Spain: a wine club.

And so the adventure began. He spent his weekends contacting wineries personally through the Yellow Pages and driving there in his own car to select their most interesting wines and bring them back to Madrid. During the week he carried on working at the energy company where he pursued his career in applied physics.

Vinoselección officially came into being on 10 May 1973 and sent out its first mailshot. Massimo Galimberti was only just 34 when he started up a thriving business selling moments of happiness: Spain’s first wine club. The first selections were chosen by him personally and fitted in the boot of his Renault 6. A few weeks later 100 members had already placed their trust in Vinoselección to bring them outstanding wines – bottles that told a story and came from traditional winegrowing regions but also wines from many areas that were still unknown and yet to be discovered. Today Vinoselección has more than 100,000 members, who enjoy the many advantages of belonging to the club, among them the best prices on the market.

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