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D.O. Cava

In Catalonia the D.O. Cava spans 63 municipalities in Barcelona, 52 in Tarragona, 12 in Lleida and 5 in Girona; Laguardia, Moreda de Álava and Oyón in Álava; Almendralejo in Badajoz; Mendavia and Viana in Navarra; Requena in Valencia; Ainzón and Cariñena in Zaragoza; and 18 municipalities in La Rioja.

Climate and Soil

Climate of Cava:

As the D.O. Cava encompasses sparkling wines made using the traditional method, it includes municipalities in Catalonia, Álava, La Rioja, Badajoz, Navarra, Valencia and Zaragoza, and the climate is therefore characteristic of each winegrowing area. However, in the biggest Cava-producing area, the Catalan region of Penedès, the climate is Mediterranean.

Cava soils:

Very diverse, depending on the area of production.

Interesting Information

Vineyard hectares: 33.706 hectares

Annual production: 164.691.000 litres

Number of viticultors: 7.547

Number of wineries: 272

Domestic sales: 39,1%

Export sales: 60,9%

Regulation and Location

Regulatory council of the: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA D.O. CAVA Avinguda Tarragona, 24. 08720 Vilafranca del Penedès

Location: Spread across several regions

Country: Spain

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