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D.O. Bierzo

The D.O. stretches across the northeast part of the province of León, in an area of transition between Galicia, León and Asturias, and covers 23 municipalities, several mountain valleys and part of the plateau of Leon

Climate and Soil

Climate of Bierzo:

Mild and fairly wet owing to Galician influence, although it is also influenced by the dry Castilian climate. Average annual rainfall is 721 mm.

Bierzo soils:

In the mountainous area there is a mixture of quartzite and slate. Soils tend to be slightly acidic. The best soils are at altitudes of between 450 and 1,000 metres and on gently sloping terraces close to rivers.

Interesting Information

Vineyard hectares: 3.969 hectares

Annual production: 9.260.100 litres

Number of viticultors: 4.137

Number of wineries: 55

Domestic sales: 88%

Export sales: 12%

Regulation and Location

Regulatory council of the: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA D.O. BIERZO Los Morales, 1 – 2º. 24540 Cacabelos (León)

Location: León

Country: Spain

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