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D.O Alella

The D.O. extends across the Maresme and Vallès areas of Barcelona, encompassing the municipalities of Alella, Argentona, Cabrils, El Masnou, La Roca del Vallès, Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Montgat, Orrius, Premià de Dalt, Premià de Mar, Santa María de Martorelles, Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Teià, Tiana, Vallromanes, Vilanova del Vallès and Vilasar de Dalt.

Climate and Soil

Climate of Alella:

Typical Mediterranean microclimate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The mountains provide shelter from the winds and condense the humidity from the sea.

Alella soils:

In the inland part of the coastal mountains the soils are clayey. Those closer to the sea (known as sauló) are nearly white and highly permeable, and their high capacity to absorb the sun’s rays helps ripen the grapes.

Interesting Information

Vineyard hectares: 315 hectares

Annual production: 635.768 litres

Number of viticultors: 92

Number of wineries: 7

Domestic sales: 963%

Export sales: 37%

Vintage Chart and Wine Style

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Wine style: Whites, Roses, Reds

Regulation and Location

Regulatory council of the: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA D.O. ALELLA Masía Can Magarola, s/n. 08328 Alella Barcelona).

Location: Barcelona

Country: Spain

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