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The D.O. Valencia lies on the Mediterranean coast, where the vineyards grow at an altitude of between 200 and 1,000 metres. It is home to longstanding local grape varieties and other “improving” varieties.

Climate and Soil

Climate of D.O.Valencia:

Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summers. The many hours of sunlight to which the vines are exposed ensure the perfect ripening of the berries.

D.O.Valencia soils:

Variable, predominantly calcareous-clay.

Interesting Information

Vineyard hectares: 13.030 hectares

Annual production: 71.961.612 litres

Number of viticultors: 11.800

Number of wineries: 85

Domestic sales: 28%

Export sales: 72%

Vintage Chart and Wine Style

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Wine style: Reds, Whites, Rosé

Regulation and Location

Regulatory council of the: CONSEJO REGULADOR DE LA DENOMINACIÓN DE ORIGEN VALENCIA Quart, 22. 46001 Valencia Teléfono 963 910 096 Fax 963 910 029

Location: Valencia

Country: Spain

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