Sanz La Capital Roble 2017

Month's Selection June 2019

An exceptional red from a winery known for its whites

Vinos Sanz is one of the most famous and longest-standing wineries of the D.O. Rueda and makes some of the greatest whites in this region. In recent years they have extended their know-how to the D.O. Vinos de Madrid, where they have been producing an excellent range of wines since 2016. Aware that high quality ingredients are essential to all good wine, they have done great work in the vineyards – the key to their success, as evidenced by the wine we are offering you.

Clothed in a label displaying the landscape of Madrid, Sanz La Capital Roble 2017 is a red created from Spain’s queen grape variety, Tempranillo, and has been aged in oak for 5 months. The resulting wine is tasty and meaty with a good weight of fruit and a marvellous acidic bite that gives it a refreshing touch.

Now Club members can enjoy one of the exceptional reds made by a firm renowned for its whites: Vinos Sanz, which has earned pride of place for the consistently high quality of its vintages.

6 Bottles