Finca La Emperatriz Cuvee Especial Reserva 2014

Month's Selection October 2019

A river with a history

Enjoy this Cuvée Especial, the result of thorough grape selection, a balanced blend and careful ageing

No two wines are the same, nor are the paths that lead us to them. Since our very first Monthly Selection, Vinoselección has always striven to seek out the best wines in the country and offer them to you at an affordable price. This is not always an easy task, but our experts go about it with determination and patience, as with the current Selection. After offering you Finca La Emperatriz Cuvée Especial Reserva 2013, our oenologists set their sights on the 2014 vintage, allowing themselves to be guided by intuition until they hit upon the perfect blend, a sensational coupage that is even better than the previous year’s

6 Bottles

£64,40 (price per bottle £10,73)
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