Luis Alegre Edición Limitada Crianza 2014

Month's Selection November 2018

Advanced winegrowing and careful ageing for an excellent-quality Rioja

Located in Rioja Alavesa, Luis Alegre is a family-run winery with a modern outlook that is enjoying great success with what it calls its ‘viticulturist’s wines’. It has only made 925 barrels of the red Luis Alegre Crianza Edición Limitada 2014.

Luis Alegre’s work is underpinned by their magnificent vineyards and thorough grape growing practices, together with careful ageing of their wines. The result is wines that achieve the difficult task of combining potency and elegance, such as the red Luis Alegre Crianza Edición Limitada 2014, of which it has only made 925 barrels. It is designed from Tempranillo with the traditional touches of Garnacha (fruitiness) and Graciano (freshness) grapes picked from vines more than 40 years old and has been aged for 14 months in barrels.

Bodegas Luis Alegre is located in one of the most coveted winegrowing areas in Spain, the municipality of Laguardia at the heart of Rioja Alavesa. The success of this family-run firm, established in 1964, is based on the magnificent work of its technical director, Alejandro Simó, and his skilled handling of the magnificent vineyards they own. They apply advanced viticulture practices on their 54 hectares of plots of different ages, some nearly a hundred years old: selective pruning, ploughing to ensure regular aeration, non-aggressive treatments, limited yields and sorting tables.

Another key to this winery’s success is the careful ageing its wines undergo – a task for which Alejandro Simó draws on his vast experience in the cooperage sector, being involved from the outset in choosing the trees from which the barrels will be made. In short, Bodegas Luis Alegre design fantastic Riojas that are closely bound to the land and boast a unique character. Luis Alegre Crianza Edición Limitada 2014 is ideal with char-grilled meats such as baby lamb chops cooked over vine shoots or roast lamb.

6 bottles