La Miranda de Secastilla 2015

Month's Selection August 2018

One of the most popular Garnacha wines

The Club has picked one of the most popular Garnacha wines from the Somontano made by the region’s most iconic winery, Viñas del Vero.

Subtle, delicate, pleasant and elegant, Garnacha is Spain’s most universal grape variety. The wines produced by this grape, which is highly praised by experts everywhere – Robert Parker hailed it as one of the most interesting varieties in the world – have won a host of prizes over the years. It is also a chameleonic variety that grows in several parts of Spain, notably Rioja, Navarra, Méntrida, Madrid and Aragón. It is in Aragón, especially the Somontano region very close to the Pyrenees, where the variety achieves its highest expression with elegant, well-structured and meaty wines, such as the one Vinoselección has picked for you this month.

La Miranda de Secastilla 2015 is one of the outstanding Garnacha wines made by Viñas de Vero, a firm that has done much to recover this variety in recent years. The winery is located in a valley that lies at an altitude of nearly 750 metres and is blessed with a microclimate ideally suited to growing vines: the Secastilla valley. The Garnacha grapes have been enhanced with a touch of Syrah and Parraleta and the wine has been matured to perfection in French oak barrels for 8 months. This red is very tasty on the palate, well-balanced, supple and meaty with a nice acidic edge.

Enjoy at home one of the best Garnacha wines currently made in Spain. Don’t waste a second – Vinoselección brings it to you for the best price.

6 bottles