Garnacha Tinta


Bunches are medium-sized and compact, with medium-sized, spherical and thin-skinned violet-red berries. This variety produces deep vermilion-coloured wines with powerful jammy and spicy aromas and good acidity that makes them suitable for ageing in oak casks to bring out balsamic, toasty and mineral undertones. Except when the vines are very old, the wines are balanced, meaty and moderately tannic. This variety is used to make aromatic rosé wines (such as those of Navarre), concentrated reds with blackberry aromas (such as those of the D.O. Campo de Borja) or magnificent reds in the D.O.Ca. Priorat. It is sometimes called “the Cinderella of wines”, as the same variety can be used to make both simple wines and complex, elegant wines.

Interesting Information

Origen: It is the most widely grown red variety in Spain. There is evidence that it was cultivated as far back as the twelfth century and there are numerous estates planted with vines of this variety more than a hundred years old. It is believed to originate from Aragon, where it is the main variety used in winemaking, as well as in the D.O.s of. Cariñena and Campo de Borja.

Sinónimos: Grenache Noir (France), Navarro, Gironet, Lladoner, Tinto Aragonés, Tintilla,Carignan Rouge (US and France), Toccai Rosso (Italy), Cannonao (Italy).

Resistance to pests and diseases: Highly prone to frost, mildew and rot.

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