Imperial Red Gran Reserva 2009

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General information

Good practice right from the vineyard

Imperial Gran Reserva 2004 made history when it was selected as the Best Wine in the World in 2013 according to Wine Spectator. Since then, this label has become one of the most valued treasures. We present to you the 2009 vintage: Imperial Gran Reserva 2009.

The CVNE Group specialises in long aging processes. Their mastery over this practice has granted them one of the greatest recognitions: their Imperial Gran Reserva 2004 was chosen as the “Best Wine of the Year 2013” by the prestigious American magazine Wine Spectator. It was the first time that a Spanish wine received this recognition. A complete milestone. Now we present to you Imperial Gran Reserva 2009, a worthy heir to the 2004 vintage. A Riojan classic which was created from the best grapes that CVNE harvests in Rioja Alta.

Under the initials of CVNE lies the name of one of the most noteworthy Spanish wineries in the international scope. Founded in 1879, Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España still maintains its original location in the legendary Barrio de la Estación de Haro, right in the heart of Rioja Alta. The great prestige that this universal Riojan company continues to entire, considered a neoclassic in the motherland of wine, comes from very long ago, as it was one of the first national wineries to bottle wine.

During these years, CVNE has expanded its magnificent winemaking heritage and has been growing, not only in Barrio de la Estación, but also with avant-garde projects such as the creation of Viñedos del Contino and Bodegas Viña Real. Imperial is an independent winery within the original winery of CVNE in the Barrio de la Estación de Haro, intended for the exclusive production of the top wines Imperial and Real de Asúa.

Few brands on the Spanish wine market have a letter of recommendation and a coverage like the one Imperial enjoys. About to turn a century old, Imperial is one of the most noteworthy assets in Spanish wine. This Imperial Gran Reserva 2009 was conceived with grapes selected from the best vineyards of CVNE in Rioja Alta: 50 to 60-year-old strains, harvested by hand. Once in the winery (and after cold maceration to extract the aromas as much as possible) the alcoholic fermentation takes place in new French oak vats. Then, it undergoes long-term aging in French and American oak, finishing with bottle aging in the century-old cellars of the winery.

General Characteristics

Wine style: Red Gran Reserva

Winery: CVNE

Wine Region: D.O.Ca. Rioja

Grape varieties:

Barrel type: American and French oak barrels

Bottle size: 75Cl