Homenaje Rosé 2017

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General information

Navarra, the leading name in rosé wines

The rosés made using the traditional saignée method are highly representative of the D.O. Navarra, such as Homenaje 2017. This tasty, meaty wine has a fresh, fruity palate and a long, lingering finish with hints of red fruit.

Navarra is the most famous region for making rosé wines. It is home to Homenaje 2017, which is produced from Garnacha grapes – the basis of most Navarrese rosés – using the traditional saignée method (regarded by many as the method that results in higher quality rosés with extra body and breadth). After 10 hours’ maceration, a portion of the juice is ‘bled off’ and fermented slowly in stainless steel vats at a constant temperature (between 20 and 22ºC).

The Belasco family run Bodegas Marco Real. The firm is located in the town of Olite, whose winemaking tradition dates backs centuries. It was built in the late 1980s and combines cutting-edge design and technology with good winemaking practices. Its installations are equipped with the most advanced technology. It owns 200 hectares of vineyards all over the region and makes young reds, rosés and whites, as well as Crianzas and Reservas. The rosé Homenaje 2017 is ideal with rice with meat, macaroni with Bolognese sauce and vegetable dishes.

General Characteristics

Wine style: Rosé

Winery: Bodegas Marco Real

Wine Region: D.O. Navarra

Grape varieties: 100% Garnacha Tinta

Alcohol content: 14% vol.

Total acidity: 5,8 g/l

PH 3,15

Volatile Acidity: 0,43 g/l

Residual sugar: 2 g/l

Bottle size: 75Cl

Best before: Perfect until the end of 2019

Serving Temperature: Serve at 7º C

Tasting Notes

Profile sheet Homenaje 2017

Strawberry-pink with violet at the edge, good depth of colour.

Expressive nose with predominant aromas of red fruit (strawberry, redcurrant and raspberry) together with floral and herby notes.

Tasty and meaty palate with a fresh, fruity mouthfeel that is quite moreish and well-structured. Nice long finish with hints of red fruit.